The 41st session Brand Book was designed by: Anastasia Buialo, Agata Juszkiewicz, Wojciech Płudowski, Daria Łukaszyńska  in cooperation with: Jan Duda, Marta Kamieńska, Barbara Krajewska.

Wanting to include the youngest generation of graphic designers in activities involving the protection of World Heritage, the Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology (PJATK) and the National Heritage Board of Poland (NID) set up an educational partnership to create the visual identity which would represent the 41st session of the World Heritage Committee.

The modular logo which designed by young graphic artists, consisting of three arrows pointing in the same direction, relates to the idea of “common responsibility”. The logo is a graphical representation of three essential values:

  1. nature – the green tree symbol,
  2. science – the blue book/laptop symbol, 
  3. culture – the navy blue person symbol.

The fact that the arrows point inwards and that together they form a circle represents the shared operational and collaborative aims, as well as how the Committee brings together representatives from all over the world.

This design, selected from over 400 projects submitted, found its way into the final shortlist of the AGRAFA International Biennale of Students Graphic Design.

Here you will find more information about the students of PJATK and their visual identification project.

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